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LuaEclipse is a collection of plugins developed for the Eclipse platform that together make an IDE for the development of applications in the Lua programming language. In this...
Last Updated on 24 June 2013 by Luís Jason Santos
NCL Eclipse is a plug-in to Eclipse that enable fast textual development of Nested Context Language (NCL) programs.
Last Updated on 29 April 2013 by Roberto Azevedo
An Eclipse plugin to provide a syntax-colouring editor for CORBA IDL files.
Last Updated on 3 December 2009 by Michael Houston
Kermeta 2 is the evolution of Kermeta workbench. This is a powerful metaprogramming environment based on an model-oriented language optimized for metamodel engineering and DSL...
Last Updated on 18 July 2013 by Didier Vojtisek
This generator allows you to produce Java source code from a UML model. This module uses the standard UML2 metamodel provided by Eclipse Foundation and as such is compatible...
Last Updated on 25 March 2013 by Obeo
Closure IDE is a JavaScript IDE powered by Google Closure Tools....
Last Updated on 23 January 2014 by Sandra Shklyaeva
OptimJ is a Java based algebraic modelling language for operations research. (OR)...
Last Updated on 4 October 2011 by Patrick Viry
Swan is an end-to-end application framework that facilitates the development of Rich Internet Applications using Ajax. With Swan, even inexperienced developers can start coding...
Last Updated on 2 December 2009 by acorona
OpenL Tablets is full-fledged open source Business Rules Management System (BRMS). Its business friendly approach to rules authoring and management allows keeping executable...
Last Updated on 27 March 2013 by OpenL Tablets
Orcc is a development environment under BSD license dedicated to dataflow programming. Its primary purpose is to provide developers with a compiler infrastructure to allow...
Last Updated on 20 March 2013 by Hervé Yviquel