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OptimJ is a Java based algebraic modelling language for operations research....
Last Updated on 19 July 2011 by Patrick Viry
The ASN.1 Editor project provides an Eclipse editor plugin for the ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) formal language....
Last Updated on 4 July 2011 by Bogdan
Ateji PX for Java Free Edition makes parallel programming simple and intuitive. It provides a set of parallel extensions for Java that allow developers to easily boost their...
Last Updated on 6 July 2011 by Patrick Viry
Protobuf-dt is a new Eclipse plug-in for editing protocol buffer descriptor files. It provides all the features you would expect from an IDE editor, such as syntax highlighting,...
Last Updated on 16 December 2011 by Alex Ruiz
CodeMime is a set of Eclipse plug-ins for copying structured text to other formats, such as HTML, and making that text available on the system clipboard....
Last Updated on 24 November 2013 by Tim Myer
Going far beyond syntax highlighting, the DXL Editor is a real development environment for IBM Rational DOORS DXL language, built on the market-leading Eclipse platform,...
Last Updated on 18 October 2012 by Sebastien Boucard
This generator allows you to produce Java source code from a UML model. This module uses the standard UML2 metamodel provided by Eclipse Foundation and as such is compatible...
Last Updated on 25 April 2013 by Obeo
LuaEclipse is a collection of plugins developed for the Eclipse platform that together make an IDE for the development of applications in the Lua programming language. In this...
Last Updated on 24 June 2013 by Luís Jason Santos
NCL Eclipse is a plug-in to Eclipse that enable fast textual development of Nested Context Language (NCL) programs.
Last Updated on 29 April 2013 by Roberto Azevedo
An Eclipse plugin to provide a syntax-colouring editor for CORBA IDL files.
Last Updated on 3 December 2009 by Michael Houston