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Pulse Secure vADC and Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager (formerly known as SteelApp, Stingray or Zeus Traffic Manager) is a powerful load balancing and traffic management solution, also known as an application delivery controller (ADC). It is generally deployed in front of a farm of web or application servers, and contains a number of capabilities to manage and transform network traffic to improve the performance, security and management of the application.

Advanced configuration is performed using the TrafficScript rules language, and the plugin allows you to edit your TrafficScript code in Eclipse.

The plugin makes it easier and faster to edit and deploy your rules:

  • Full syntax highlighting for TrafficScript rules, making it easier to edit and manage complex rules
  • TrafficScript auto-completion, code hints and online help to create powerful rules more quickly
  • The ability to manage rules across clusters, comparing rules and copying rules from one cluster to another
  • Instant deployment of rules to a cluster for faster and more responsive implementation of changes
  • Syntax checking and validation

For more information on installation and use,
see https://community.pulsesecure.net/t5/Pulse-Secure-vADC/Pulse-vADC-Plugin...

Pulse Secure acquired Brocade vADC in July 2017

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