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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 04:52
dmischel's picture

As someone whose fingers "automatically" use vi commands, this plugin is invaluable for making editing efficient. Moving around the page, command strings, code changes are all so much easier and faster with this tool. A great job and many thanks!

lkamb0ys's picture

I love this plugin. It is absolutely essential for me and anyone who loves vi and has vi "finger bindings." It works very well (of course there are occasional hiccups, but what software doesn't?), and behaves very much like vim.

Micheal has been very responsive to questions and bug reports, and has recently embarked on a significant update and development effort.

I often remark to myself how great it is to have the vi key bindings in eclipse, giving me the best of both worlds. I love it so much, I've actually paid twice!

lkamb's picture

This is an excellent and essential tool for people who like to work with vi key bindings. It works really well, and the developer has always been very responsive to my comments. I highly recommend it.

pseverinqw0's picture

A very nice plugin which makes Eclipse much more usable for those addicted to Vim. Too bad that the development has seemingly stopped. But even then it well worths the money you spend on it.

ddanyo's picture

The comment from 2010 is a bit old. The developer of this addon has been actively updating it recently.

mmisingnamel6y's picture

I just updated (free upgrade since I bought a license not too long ago) to 2.0. The visual selection is very nice. Still working through other new features, but I'd say that my money was well spent on this plugin. I wanted to also point out that the author is very reasonable about your usage (one license on different eclipse instances for a person).