Symfony Plugin

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Neon (4.6)
Mars (4.5)
Luna (4.4)

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Proc Man's picture

From long time I can't update plugin. Trying to update Symfony Plugin got always the same error:

An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
session context was:(profile=epp.package.php, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=).
No repository found containing: osgi.bundle,org.sourceforge.jsonedit.core,
No repository found containing: org.eclipse.update.feature,org.sourceforge.jsonedit.feature,

Dawid Pakula's picture

our binaries are stored on bintray. Are you able to download plugins directly? For example this:

You can also add update site manually:

While install/update make sure "Contact all update sites during install to find required software" is checked.

Proc Man's picture

Reinstall of plugin resolved problem. Thank you.

Erik Cokeley's picture

The Update Site:
Doesn't exist.

jairo m barros jr's picture

No repository found at


David Tataje's picture

the Composer is user friendly and easy
Twig is very usable.

finally I'm going back to use eclipse for my php projects

Isidro Merayo Castellano's picture

Nice features!!!

-> Composer
-> Phing
-> Twig
-> Doctrine