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Great plugin, "MoreUnit" should even come with standard Eclipse as default, which is one of important missing features. However, when I install lombok in eclipse, MoreUnit 3.0.5 is giving empty pages instead TestNG or JUnit test pages in Eclipse Mars.

Do you have any issue tracker site to report?

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When you have a look at the sourceforge site of More Unit you will find the link to the issue tracker site:

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Error unable to read repository at http ...

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looks like the update site is back online. I was able to get version 3.0.5 when connecting to

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Looks like sourceforge is doing some infrastructure and service restoration. Just found it on sourforge Ops twitter handle @sfnet_ops

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This is the most useful plugin I've installed since I started using Eclipse, back in 2003!

Cannot live without it anymore.

Thanks a lot!

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i've been searching for this functionality so long! CTRL+J -< i like it!

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Run tests from class under test, generate tests in the right places, jump to tests using a list of tests for all methods.

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This is great for flipping between your unit tests and code. Just press Ctrl+j.

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As a developer following TDD practice, I have been greatly assisted by MoreUnit .
Would recommended this plugin to other java devs.

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The MoreUnit plugin is one of this kind of plugins which are running silently in background without you having to notice about it!

But when it comes to testing your code it offers a great help for the
- annoying regular file creation or
- manuall typing of new helper methods or
- just running only the exact testmethod for the method you are currently writing in your code
and further more...

From me definitly thumbs up for this plugin!!!

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Its a very good plug-in it has solved my many problems.Now i can easily rename class/method and move class with tests using this plugin.

But i am getting problem as i am unable to do move method refactoring for test using this plug-in,but in its functionalities it is mentioned that move method is supported.

help urgently required, is there any document that can tell me step by step that how to do moveMethod refactoring for tests using this plugin.

Note:I am using version 1.3.3 of this plugin