JSON Editor Plugin 0.9.7

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Show stopper bug on Eclipse Kepler 4.3.2 on Ubuntu 13

I am using Ubuntu 13.04 (Kernel 3.5.44) Unfortunately, this plug in starts acting up and does not allow the json file to be saved with a NullPointerException (no further info provided by Eclipse). It hampered my delivery efforts.

Be very careful, if you are using Ubuntu. I was able to isolate the problem as it was only json files that were showing "dirty flag" with an asterisk where it shows the file name in a tab above.

Cannot drag Install button to Eclipse

I'm using Win 8.1.

8.1 is fine with the correct

8.1 is fine with the correct plugin to enable this.

MPC is required

Your Eclipse needs to have MPC marketplace client for that.

Error: Unable to open external editor

Submitted by Yel Cav on

Full message:
Unable to open external editor D:\eclipse\plugins\jsonedit-core_0.9.6.jar

Using Version: Kepler Release Build id: 20130614-0229 on Windows 7 64 bit

Works as expected

Was worried about trying the plugin given the earlier feedback.

However, after installing it, it works and didn't give any issues.

Good Job

Scientific Notation

Submitted by plraskis on

Flags scientific notation as error.

Scientific Notation

This issue should be fixed in the current release.

JSON editor unstable

Submitted by evan on

In my system, with

Win XP SP3

Java JDK 1.6

Eclipse Helios 3.6

the JSON editor plugin 0.9.4 led to instability that crashed Eclipse often. I wasn't easily able to diagnose it, but this has been a less stable version of Eclipse all around than my last one.

This plugin is completey

Submitted by franckv on

This plugin is completey flawed!
I tried it on Eclipse 3.4.2 and after a few seconds eclipse's windows went white, all the menus disappeared and I couldn't even close it down.
Don't use it!