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Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 07:32
tdugan's picture

I selected a class and ask for a dependency analysis, but I just get a blank page.  No info at all.

what can I do?


mmisingnamerxl's picture

"View Class Dependency" menu item is to show dependencies between *selected* classes. So if you select only one class, there is nothing to be displayed. Try one of the following options:

1. To view dependencies between specific classes: select all those classes and right click and choose  "View Class Dependency" to see how those classes are related

2. To view dependent classes of a specific class (i.e. which classes are being used by this class): Right click on the class, select "View Outbound Class Dependency". Note that the Java standard classes are excluded automatically from the view.

If you suspect that the result is not correct, close the   "Dependency View" view manually (using the X icon on top right corner) then try  again.

Please let me know if you still have problems with it.

Thanks for trying the plugin.

jmorenooto's picture

A very very useful tool. Great idea. Thanks

It would we more useful if having these features:

- Save the layout, so the work of arrangong the boxes is not lost each time you call the viewer

- An automatic cascading layout

Thanks again



fricciuow's picture

No repository found at

mmisingnamerxl's picture

Thanks for the feedback. I have updated the URL. Please try again.

pastn's picture

I am getting the error, that no repository found at ****

mmisingnamerxl's picture

Issue has been fixed.

ahotavbj's picture

Installed, tried, Eclipse hangs. Waste of time

mmisingnamerxl's picture

It does work. Please check the documents.

mrozhin's picture

Don't bother. Installed OK, but no output and no indication of why.

tdugan's picture

that's what i see, too.

mmisingnamerxl's picture

It works, please follow the guidelines.

smisingname4ty's picture

I have installed plug ins mentioned here.
But still in eclipse i am not able to enable View Class Dependancy.
Please send me all possible solutions.

soujiro32167's picture

I've just installed the pluging on eclipse Juno using the marketplace install.
Clicked 'view package dependencies' on one of the packages - blank window
Clicked 'view package dependencies' on a project - eclipse hangs for a few minutes (spinning wheel), then becomes unresponsive
This is a rather large project, but I cannot wait minutes for this to happen without eclipse

Uninstalled. Frustrated

mmisingnamerxl's picture

The issue with slow performance has been fixed with latest version.

sclayton's picture

This version of the tool has two serious weaknesses that make it impossible to use effectively.

One weakness is that the menu actions ("View class dependency" and "View package dependency") are executed in the eclipse UI thread. The workspace hangs for several minutes until the results have been calculated - or until it crashes because the heap has been exhausted, which just now happened as I was writing these comments.

Another weakness is that the initial layout algorithm chosen seems to be "show all nodes jumbled together". The user gets one layout, and that's it.

This tool is a *viewer*. Its usefulness depends entirely on whether it helps the user to find some presentation for hist graph that he can interpret. It is not enough to show just any layout and leave the user with no options to continue.

mmisingnamerxl's picture

The issue with slow performance has been fixed.
The initial layout is fixed, but you can drag/drop to move the nodes and using "Delete" key to delete unwanted nodes. So it is not "just" a viewer.

tdugan's picture

it seems to not work at all for a lot of included