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Sunday, June 24, 2018 - 01:14
sstolzsu3's picture

When I use pandoc in fluentmark as conversion filter in Eclipse under Windows 10, I get an encoding error like this when I am using special characters linke "öüä":

pandoc.exe: Cannot decode byte '\xf6': Data.Text.Internal.Encoding.Fusion.stream
Utf8: Invalid UTF-8 stream

In Eclipse all (project and file) is set to UTF-8. I think it is a fluentmark problem, because when I do a "pandoc -o ..." on command line, all works perfect. 

grosenberg706's picture

Create an issue report in the Github repo for Fluentmark.

pvlasov575's picture

I do a search, it finds what I need and then the editor scrolls it out of view. To reproduce use this document - https://github.com/Nasdanika/server/blob/master/org.nasdanika.cdo.web/do... search for renderTypedElementView.

grosenberg706's picture

Find works correctly for me -- the editor scrolls to the text found and no further scrolling of the editor takes place.