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avigliotti's picture

Great! I am happy to say the little bug was solved!

After upgraded bash editor I can see good syntax colors.

Thanks to Albert. I strong suggest to use this bash editor to write and update bash script. It is better than vi and better than other bash tools. This bash editor help to avoid stupid mistakes writing bash scripts.

Thanks, thanks.


avigliotti's picture

I searched for bash editor and now I found this plugin.

It is good and very useful.

Could be upgarded to solve some little mistakes. In this piece of code, the second if statament  is not coloured

   if [ -f /etc/lsb-release -o -d /etc/lsb-release.d ]; then
        DIST=$(grep "DISTRIB_ID" /etc/lsb-release|awk -F"=" '{print $2}'|tr -d "\"', \n")
        if [ -z "$DIST" ]; then

Thanks for this plug-in

atregnaghi's picture

You are wellcome!

I reentered your bug into issue tracker at

Bugfix is planned for milestone 0.7.0 (means version 0.7.0).