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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 19:16
pavangayakwad's picture

Alpesh Shah above expressed a very sensible feedback and team failed to recognize it. sad. Guys! your tool is wonderful however, you should never fiddle around with source code, instaed have more info in your review.xml file. something like, file name and line number. Its okay, even things dont match when someone update the source and line numbers change. Perhaps you can offer a configuration setting in which user can choose (i) inline code annotations or (ii) no change in source, all info will be in your xml file with warning message that, it might not sync if someone update the code file and line numbers change.

Looking forward to your comments/reply.

preutery2g's picture

Hi Pavan G, see my reply to Alpesh Shah's comment :)

ashah15i's picture

I found this tool fulfill almost all requirement for code review within eclipse. Only one point I would like to improve is, for every review comment, an inline comment is added in code which need to be committed along with code. This sometimes clutter the code and it also means that you need to checkout & checkin code even when you don't make any changes to code but just invalidate review comment. Instead of inline comment, if there is just marker on left bar (like how eclipse shows problem or sonar shows violations) could be perfect solution.

preutery2g's picture

Thanks for your feedback! Linking code and comments, even if the code got refactored, is one of the core features of AgileReview. The easiest way to ensure this is by adding markers in the code. AgileReview was constructed around this principle. Showing markers like problems or sonarlint violations is not working with comments as these markers of other tools result from static code analysis which can be performed on demand. Have you tried tools like Gerrit, which are based on individual commits? Maybe these suit your needs more.

Btw: AgileReview is open source. Feel free to contribute your suggestions as pull requests via GitHub :)

pavangayakwad's picture

Well said!