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The free UML tool UMLet lets you draw UML diagrams with a light-weight, pop-up-free user interface. It lets you draw diagram sketches fast; export diagrams to pdf, eps, jpg, gif, svg, bmp, png, and system clipboard; share diagrams using Eclipse 3+; and create your own custom graphical elements. New in version 14.2: Fixed pixel displacements on export; improved relations; embeddable pdf fonts.

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Eclipse Versions: 
Photon (4.8), Oxygen (4.7), Neon (4.6), Mars (4.5), 2018-09 (4.9), 2018-12 (4.10)
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Windows, Mac, Linux/GTK
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Sat, 2005-11-05 23:50
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Tue, 2018-11-27 10:25
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 00:57
mostrowskis0e's picture

Umlet is really practical tool.

tomer34v's picture

great app

asinghlwl's picture

...for simplicity and power. After having used Rose, RSA, Visual Paradigm etc. I fell for Umlet. It is exactly what a programmer needs. Neither complex, nor lacking in capability.

sseopatodo's picture

thank you very much very easy to use.

imustafic's picture

Easy to use. Took me only a couple,of minutes to get the hang of how to construct diagrams. Recommended!

tlinhqr's picture


lrodrguezfernndez's picture


mkelvin's picture

This saved my life today when the UML app I paid for suddenly proved inadequete. But everything brightened back up again after a few minutes playing with umlet! Thanks!! One of the nicest new pieces of software I've used in a while. Totally straightforward, works smoothly, and the combination drag n' drop + text config interface is a GREAT IDEA. I used it stand-alone, and I bet the XML file format would be easy to parse for, eg, a custom code generator.

wsucitanuary's picture

How to change the order of elements?

mmisingname7y2's picture

Explicit z-order control (useful for pdf exports of background-colored elements) will probably be included in v12.1; not yet in the upcoming v12.0.
--The UMLet Team

smisingnamel0f's picture

The UMLet authors don't seem to provide an update site. Dear UMLet authors, can you fix that? Pretty please with sugar on top.

jcollier's picture

Its not clear how to install this plugin; Is the URL correct?

mmisingname7y2's picture

On you can see the change history, and download current and older versions of UMLet.
--The UMLet Team

balakrishnann's picture

Excellent tool

tsenior's picture

I've been using UMLet for years, and will be using it for years to come.
The "All in one" digrams help you explore ideas visually as if you are coding.
As for complexity, there's always "just enough", and never "too much".
I love this tool!

asaksena's picture

From where i can download this plugin...?

jfloor's picture

Spent ages trying to find the useful links on umlet website, the design of which gives me no confidence that the makers are competent to write a graphics tool. Dropped jar in plugins. Started eclipse. Created new umlet. Clicked on "pallet". kill -9 eclipse. Removed plugin.

Major fail.

bfett's picture

This is just full of spam! Can't install UMLet, nothing to download or install, and every post in the last 2 years is just simply SPAM! Crap...

mmisingname7y2's picture

Unfortunately, we can't remove spam postings from the comments. Thankfully, Marketplace cleans the comments periodically.
On you can see the change history, and download current and older versions of UMLet. As UMLet evolves, sometimes we break file format conventions (we assume UMLet is used for throw-away sketches and pdf exports) -- so it might be useful to occasionally get an older version.
--The UMLet Team

ntsanov's picture

I've been using UMLet for a day so far, and I am vastly impressed with it! It is an amazing piece of software and a joy to use, thanks for your outstanding job!

dmisingnamebh3's picture

I tried UMLet tool and found it easy and friendly,
Strongly recommended.
thanks to people who are in charge

mmisingnamegh7's picture

Really easy to use and extend, great job!

lmisingname2h1's picture

I really hate the "Update Site" style

mmisingnamegrp's picture

New to eclipse and the java world how do you install this plugin in eclipse?

jnash1j6's picture

Tried 3 or 4 other UML tools. They were really hard to use. Finally settled on this. What a pleasure to operate.

smisingnameq5g's picture

Very nice piece of software. Easy to use, responsive, ideal for quick UML diagrams without having any code generation baggage behind it.

krao7co's picture

Excellent tool for UML. Used it for simple diagrams. Nice and intuitive use.

Thank you.

cmisingnamea2c's picture

By far the best tool I have ever used for UML. No more clicking through endless dialogs to create a class diagram. I swear with some of those other tools it seems to take longer just defining the class diagram than it does to write the code for the class itself. I give it ALL STARS, Great Job :-)

pmisingname3aa's picture

Nice and simple tool. Integrates with Helios nicely.
Export as feature works great and convenient.

mmisingnamedff's picture

very good tools,thanks

wmisingname06p's picture

thank you

areddyrt5's picture


Iam unable to add the plain UMLet plugin to the eclipse, i did not understand whether it is added to the project as a jar file or as plugin to the eclipse if later is yes please explain me how to do it.
thanks in advance

lmisingname820's picture

I haven't seen the download button

lmisingnamerwn's picture

click on the right icon Home page (the little house) it leads you to where you can find the download link

mmisingnameeck's picture

It is a very nice program and it is very light to run on your computer. Many things that have taken ages is not a problem any more. It is not pretty easy to learn and after a short while you are almost on auto pilot.

yyangom5's picture


mmisingnamen0j's picture

I don't know if it is just me or what, but typing CTRL-Z erases all the modifications made since the file was saved !!! I you don't save the file often you can loose all your work! Never type CTRL-Z.

Edit: This seems to happen only when using "All In One" types of diagrams.

rgamboa's picture

Who knew? I've been trying to get several free UML tools (and several commercial evals, for that matter) to set up diagrams that got the point across (hey, isn't that the purpose of UML?), but for whatever reason, the tools refused to do what I needed them to. Either that, or the controls are too 'smart' for their own good, rearranging elements or attaching connectors in some of the most AFU ways that I could've thought.

UMLet is a great tool for setting up UML diagrams the way that you want. It's very simple to use, doesn't use 'advanced' layout algorithms that just get in the way of setting up your model, and doesn't presume to know (or care) about what you intend to do with the model once it's complete.

One of the most gratifying features is that a label is a label. You would be surprised at the number of modelling tools (Papyrus builders, listen up) that let entities have a 'Name' property but hide the property in a property list instead of presenting it on the model, where you intended (and can see or print it...).

I like the fact that it's extensible in a straightforward way, and that it doesn't appear to take itself too seriously. At work, I've been introduced to an extension of the UML use case diagram that includes UI mock-ups as a particular type of diagram element. I like the idea that I can set up such components in UMLet without having to build an entire rendering infrastructure to support their representation and use in a simple screen flow.

I also like the stability of the product. Several other modelling tools appeared to have the right feature set, but tended to be crash-happy, ripping the guts out of the model just as it started looking fairly decent.

These features were important to me, as I'm working on some fairly complex system interaction models that will be targeting assembly language (UML tool builders note: NOT JAVA), and this tool did me a favor by not trying to impose full OO/UML inflexibility on the diagrams that I was creating. It's more like it obeys the spirit of UML, rather than the letter of UML. And if you're not doing an elaborate cycle of code generation or round-trip engineering based on the model content (or can't, because the tool doesn't support the target language), this is exactly the right approach.

Finally, I like the tool's portability. The tool I use at work, Sparx Enterprise Architect, is great in a lot of ways, but has some really neanderthal behaviors in unexpected places. In any event, EA is a Windows-only product (with a substantial licen$e cost), and I do my development on Linux (multi-core 64-bit, to be more precise). This is true of a lot of other 'advanced' commercial modelling tools, regrettably. Understandably, having a tool that runs on my platform of choice is a very important feature to me, and played a major part in selecting it for use in my personal projects.

Well done to the UMLet team!

rmaxwellx16's picture

I needed to make a nice UML component diagram for an impending meeting. I had a rough pencil sketch drawn in my notebook. I just wanted an SVG drawing representing my sketch, nothing heavyweight. I first tried using InkScape, but could not readily find any prepackaged UML symbols.

I searched the web for UML diagrammers. Thank heavens that I found UMLet. I had a very detailed and impressive diagram drawn within an hour of downloading it. UMLet was very intuitive to use.

UMLet seems to have minimal documentation. I was trying to find documentation on the markup language and then I saw a comment that one should learn from the markups made for the palette objects. Once I figured it out, I loved the flexibility of modifying relationship links with the "lt=" markup ... changing arrowheads ... changing annotations at each end. I absolutely prefer this "markup language" approach to object properties over other diagrammers' use of context menus. I still think that a UMLet markup language document is needed.

Overall, I really like this UMLet tool and will be making heavy use of it. Kudos to the developers!

apazargic's picture

I'm trying to put the UMLet in my B3 aggregator, but it seems that there is only simple plug-in distribution.
Are there any intentions to provide a P2 update site?

mmisingnameggd's picture

I really like UMLet and am using it. I will probably introduce the rest of my development team to it but I will probably meet a little resistance for the following reasons. If anyone has any suggestions for addressing these issues, I'd really like to hear them. UMLet does UML pretty well. We need a little more functionality to make it really useful to the team. I know it's not called FLOWCHARTet or ERDIAGRAMet so don't spam me. I'm just trying to make this tool as useful as possible to my team.
-Needs a callouts/label palette.
-Needs a basic flowchart palette.
-Needs a database diagram palette.
-Needs some documentation on how to create new objects. Creating custom objects from the menu is a little basic. I think if I could see the source for all the existing objects I could create what I need myself. If anyone can point me to that it would be very helpful.

I want to express my thanks to the authors for creating a very agile tool!

mbrownv4h's picture

So simple there's virtually zero learning curve. Editing objects via the text window is really fast and much simpler that than the context menus and dialog boxes of traditional modelling tools. You'll be producing great quality diagrams in minutes. Highly recommended.

mmisingnamec0m's picture

where to download this from?

mbrownv4h's picture

Download here:

smisingnamel0f's picture

That's just awkward. They should create an update site, so that this can be installed directly from within Eclipse.

tmisingnameg45's picture


fcalfo's picture

I appreciate the effort, but this tool does not satisfy my most basic expectations in a drawing tool. Even if it is only intended to be a simple drawing tool.

It is very awkward to use. For example, try setting the name of the class. You can't just right-click on the class icon and enter the name. You have to mouse over to the Properties panel and enter the name there.

That's my biggest beef with many free drawing tools. If you can't edit from the diagram itself, they are more trouble than they're worth. ERwin lets you do this and it truly makes me more productive. I think SmartDraw and Visio support this ability also.

The second major weakness I noticed is that when you link two classes (e.g., parent/sub class) and then move one of the class icons on the diagram, the arrow does not follow to the new position. They're not linked. That is so basic to any diagramming tool, I just gave up at that point.

I'm afraid good diagramming tools are complicated enough that we are going to have to bite the bullet and pay money to get a good one.

mbrownv4h's picture

You have to mouse over to the Properties panel and enter the name there.

For me the fact that the whole "structure" and text of an object on the diagram is editable directly in text is one of the things that makes UMlet so quick and easy to use. It's much faster than faffing about with right clicks, context menus and dialog boxes.

The second major weakness I noticed is that when you link two classes (e.g., parent/sub class) and then move one of the class icons on the diagram, the arrow does not follow to the new position. They're not linked. That is so basic to any diagramming tool, I just gave up at that point.

Well, you clearly didn't spend much time with the tool as the arrows are linked to the class icons. What's more, the linking is implicit. Just make the line of the arrow touch the border of the class icon and you're done. Very fast and easy.

I found UMlet a really simple and yet powerful UML modelling tool that has virtually zero learning curve. Fantastic.

eyezparareda's picture

After looking, testing and using lots of UML tools, plugins and so on, I must say that UMLet is really good. First impression wasn't so good, because it looked crap, but after doing some diagrams I realized that with UMLet you don't waste time using a very powerful tool that is heavy and that has a lot of options you don't usually use.

It's true that UMLet doesn't have nice features like reverse engineering, but I can live without it. However it could be nice to have a right-click Eclipse's menu to select a class and draw it into an active diagram.

rsiffredi's picture

I use this tool to create few diagrams.
My problem is that I am not an UML expert so I created not perfect diagrams and showed it to my customer. The guy ask which tool I use and then smile. He also asked me why I charge him $500 per day if I don't even have a descent tool and provide him with wrong diagrams and no reusable model !!

UMLet tool allows you to create whatever you want but there is no control, no model or logic. This is a just designer for me.

I finally lost this contract with my customer because not using a professional tool was a key factor for him to cancel my consulting mission. I must agree with him and consider that my company should have purchase few licenses and certainly not let me front to a customer without being able to defend myself by checking model integrity. This tool is easy to use but it is so easy to make mistakes. It is only after showing my diagrams to other members in the team that I realized that not even one of my produced diagram was correct !!
I feel really stupid now :-)