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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 02:14
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I had been using Dreamweaver CS4 but when I needed to move into a new computer, I started using NotePad++ with its CF plugin. While looking for a solution to a problem I ran into a blog entry about Dreamweaver CS6 and its improvements making the writer go back to it from NotePad++. A replay to his post by a happy CFEclipse user (as a plugin to Aptana Studio) piqued my curiosity. I downloaded Aptana and installed CFEclipse and gave them a spin. In short, WOW! There's so much I CAN do that I happily live with the little bit I can't.

The HUGE things (I'm not sure which are specific to Aptana or CFEclipse, since I installed CFEclipse immediately):
1) The Search and Replace across files can be configured to give an outline view of the search results, drilling down by directory and file, and showing the line number in the file that the result is on. I don't know about Dreamweaver CS6, but CS4 didn't do ANY of that. At a bare minimum I want to see the line number of the result, but seeing the results in a tree is SO useful.
2) The configurable TASKS (apparently specific to CFEclipse, as stated by Kevin Benore above and I can see in an instant where I have DEBUGs/CFDUMPS, TODOs, items that need verification, things that can wait, wishes, etc.
3) This one is really big: Regex Search and Replace with a *preview* of the results! How cool is THAT!
4) Integrated directory and file compare. (I won't uninstall WinMerge because of its MSOffice and PDF plugins, but now I barely use it.)

The small things that bother me:
1) When I create a Ruble command and assign it a keyboard combination (e.g. cmd.key_binding = 'CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+W'), CFEclipse ignores it in favor of its own binding, and it doesn't give me a choice of other conflicting bindings. If I open the file in the HTML editor, those work as they should. I'm still looking for a work-around or explanation of what I'm doing wrong, if anything. (No, CFEclipse Snippets is not a solution because I can't first select text I want the snippet around and then invoke the snippet with a keyboard binding.)
2) I can't compare local files with remote files without first starting a Synchronize.
3) I can only do a synchronize on a directory, not on an individual file or files.

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There are plenty of ColdFusion editors, most of them commercial and some of them are even Eclipse plug-ins. CFEclipse is the best community supported, open source, ColdFusion editor. It has been around for years, so it is well polished and fully functional. They have an active mail list of both developers and community members in case you need help. They are also very responsive to good ideas and input. I would stand this IDE up against any of it's competitors as far as robustness for 95% of what you need to do. Not only does their IDE support Adobe's ColdFusion engine, but other CFML platforms as well such as Railo and Open Blue Dragon. Best of all ... it's free. Download it here or check out their site at! And for those of you who like to be on the "bleeding edge" of releases, point your Eclipse install path to their preview release section at

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totally agree, best coldfusion editor period !