Welcome to Eclipse Marketplace

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - 09:02 by EclipseWeb Web

Welcome to Eclipse Marketplace

Welcome to the new Eclipse Marketplace (MP), a place to find and keep track on Eclipse-based solutions. Marketplace replaces the older Eclipse Plugin Central site with a more modern and flexible community site. Some of the key new features of MP include the following:

  • Improved search and filtering capabilities, based on Apache Solr, make it easier to find solutions based on text search and then allows filtering based on license types, solution maturity and other factors.

  • New Favorites feature allow users to create an individualized list of solutions they are interested in tracking. Users can also create composite p2 repositories of their Favorite lists, making it easier to install Eclipse solutions. Users can also share their favorite lists with other people and see who have favorited a specific solution.

  • A new tagging system allows solutions to exist in multiple categories which makes it easier for users to search for solutions. User defined tagging will be added in the near future.

  • Top Favorites and Most Active lists have been added to the home page so users can see what are the more popular solutions.

  • Users now login to Eclipse Marketplace using their Eclipse Bugzilla account information, reducing the requirement to have yet another user name and password. Users that don’t have a Bugzilla account can easily create an account.