Marketplace Client Content Inclusion Policy

Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC) is a new plug-in that allows Eclipse users to discover and install Eclipse-based products that are listed on Eclipse Marketplace. The purpose of the MPC is to provide an App-Store like experience for the Eclipse community. The MPC will be distributed in all the packages that are listed on the download page.

The Eclipse Foundation will also use the MPC to highlight the solutions of the members of the Eclipse Foundation. This document specifies the policy for what content is included in the Marketplace Client.

When reading the following, please keep in mind the distinction between the “Eclipse Marketplace” (a marketplace catalogue hosted by the Eclipse Foundation), a “Marketplace” (a marketplace catalogue hosted by a third party) and the “MPC” (a client-side tool installed into an Eclipse workspace).

  1. Any Eclipse-based solution can be listed on the Eclipse Marketplace web site. Solutions may be commercial products or open source licensed projects/products. A solution provider does not need to be a member of the Eclipse Foundation to be listed on the Eclipse Marketplace. The browser interface will show all listings on Eclipse Marketplace.

  2. The MPC has two interface modes: 1) MPC Wizard and 2) MPC Embedded Browser. The MPC Wizard is the interface presented to the end user when it is started from Eclipse. Solutions listed in the MPC Wizard will only be those that are 1) licensed under an open source license or 2) associated with an Eclipse Foundation member company (excluding Associate Members). The initial feature list in the MPC Wizard will only include solutions from Foundation member companies. Search results and Category listings will include open source license solutions.

  3. The MPC Embedded Browser is started when a user selects 'Browse More Solutions' from the MPC Wizard. In the MPC Embedded Browser, all listings will be shown, similar to the regular browser interface for Eclipse Marketplace.

It is possible to specify alternative Marketplace providers in the MPC. These alternative providers will typically have a catalog of Eclipse-based solutions that can be viewed through the MPC. The end user will have the opportunity to switch between marketplace providers.

The Eclipse Foundation will pre-load the url to alternative providers from Strategic Members of the Eclipse Foundation. These alternative provider will be obligated to 1) provide the url in accordance with the release train packaging schedule, 2) actively participating in the testing of the packages and provide sign-off , 3) fully implement the api and protocol defined by the MPC and 4) ensure their url is available on a 24/7 basis. The Eclipse Foundation will reserve the right to remove any alternative provider that fail to meet these criteria in a timely manner.

The MPC will allow for any alternative marketplace to be specified. End user or organization will be able to add alternative marketplaces to the MPC. It is only alternative marketplaces from Strategic Members of the Eclipse Foundation that will be pre-loaded in the Eclipse packages hosted on the Foundation download page.