Blu Age Corporation, a Netfective Technology Group company, is a software vendor specialized in Agile Model Driven Development (MDD) and Legacy applications modernization.

Blu Age Software’s MDA workbench allows to extract UML 2.0 diagrams (PIM) from a legacy application source code, in order to transform them automatically into modernized applications within Java EE and .Net technologies.

On the other hand, we continuously provide our customers with the best of breed and up-to-date Agile Model-Driven Development Tools, Trainings and Consulting services. Our ‘M2Code’ set of products enable 100% automated transformation of UML 2.0 diagrams into Business Applications within Spring, Java EE, Flex, etc. architectures.

With Blu Age and its MDA compliant methodology, UML Consultants generate SOA and 'Cloud ready' business applications and reduce project elapse time from 30% to up to 50%.

Training Description

Blu Age Institute offers a complete trainings and seminars catalogue for legacy application modernization and object oriented development works (UML, MDA, MDD).

Our trainings are aimed to customers and partners willing to acquire the necessary skills for legacy modernization, application developpement and maintenance. These skills can be validated within a certification programme.

Consulting Description

BLU AGE CENTRES are skill networks promoting good use of Blu Age software :

They enable exchanges between companies, integrators, consultancies and partners involved in the life cycles of projects generated with Blu Age,
They provide the necessary skills and tools for setting the parameters,
They intervene in the creation and maintenance of business applications,
They offer specialized UML profiles and 'pre-modeled' applications ready to be adapted.

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