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Version 0.5.4 of Graphrex, the regular expression visualization and testing tool, fixes a bug that caused FileNotFound errors on Linux....
Last Updated on 6 April 2012 by Alan
gted (GetText EDitor) is an editor for gettext po files....
Last Updated on 17 September 2013 by Simon Martinelli
An Eclipse plugin that enables split and rearrangement of open editors with keyboard shortcuts (which is not given as an option in the standard Eclipse distribution)....
Last Updated on 14 October 2013 by Alexander Kikhtenko
This is quick way to install HTML Editor from Web Tools Platform project....
Last Updated on 30 June 2014 by Paul Verest
html5WTP is a tool make Eclipse WTP support html5 javascript code content assistance. home page is
Last Updated on 21 May 2013 by Adam Newman
This plugin replaces the normal deletion functionality with hungry-delete, which will delete all the whitespace before the cursor instead of just deleting the last character if...
Last Updated on 27 September 2010 by Nathaniel Flath
Hunspell4Eclipse is an Eclipse plug-in, that integrates Hunspell into Eclipse’s Spell Checking Service.
Last Updated on 11 July 2011 by Lorand Somogyi
Hyperview - Not your granny's hex viewer...
Last Updated on 26 September 2012 by Hans Yperman
Icon editor, icon manager and other nice features....
Last Updated on 3 November 2013 by Jabier Martinez