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  • 1   0 OPCoach OPCoach is a training and consulting company in the field of Eclipse's technology created in 2009. It's based in Toulouse (France).
  • 3   0 itemis itemis has been an independent IT consulting firm since 2003 and is already one of the market leaders in the field of model-driven softwa...
  • 0   0 Excelsior LLC Founded in 1999, Excelsior is a vendor of compliant Java SE execution environments and a provider of advanced software development servic...
  • 2   0 DevBoost GmbH Efficient Methods. Modern Tools. Better Software. DevBoost has long-term experiences with Eclipse and EMF technologies and is the company...
  • 0   0 Sigasi
  • 1   0 MoRE Player - PL/I Interactive Objects Software presents "MoRE Player - PL/I", the first product within our new product-line "MoRE Players". "MoRE Player - ... Programming Languages, Search, Editor, Source Code Analyzer, Documentation, IDE
We are professional software outsourcing company, and have successfully developed programs for some companies. We have more than one decade's experience in the field of Java...
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Download for Free. ...
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Swiss Impact Ltd. Bern, Switzerland is an innovative IT company focused (1) on providing high quality IT solutions that optimize company processes and generate profits, (2) on...
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Development of the systems in Eclipse RAP, RCP, EMF, GEF, GMF and OSGi....
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Vaadin is a powerful open source UI library for creating rich web user interfaces. It is a Java EE compatible component library that makes it easy for Java developers to create...
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The Java Persistence API (JPA) is the Java API for the management of persistence for Java environments. Versant now offers a JPA 2.0 implementation that provides a proven,...
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The vogella company maintains the website with many Eclipse, Android and Git related tutorials and welcomes more then 40 000 daily visitors....
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The Whole Language Workbench is a technology for engineering the production of software....
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Workshop J2EE OSGi Console Workshop J2EE OSGi Web Workshop J2EE OSGi Module Structure Workshop J2EE OSGi Structure Workshop J2EE OSGi Maven Structure
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Workshop J2EE Web Workshop J2EE Structure Workshop J2EE POM Structure Workshop J2EE Static Depend Workshop J2EE Maven Structure
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