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  • 2   0 Mia-Software Mia-Software is a software provider specialized in the Model-Driven approach for application lifecycle development: Mia-Studio: solution ...
  • 1   1 BLU AGE Corp. BLU AGE Corporation, a Netfective Technology Group company, is a software vendor specialized in Agile Model Driven Development (MDD) and ...
  • 0   0 Generative Software GmbH The Generative Software private limited company was founded January 18th 2007 by the certified mathematician Marcus Munzert and the quali...
  • 4   0 Spagic Spagic is the free/open source enterprise level platform, supporting the governance of middleware services and the development of SOA app... Web, Process, Editor, Profiling, XML, Application Management
  • 0   0 Engineering Group Engineering Group is an IT global player, Italy's largest operator in the IT services market and a leading provider of complete integrate...
  • 18   0 Instantiations, Inc. Instantiations is now part of Google!
The GFU Cyrus AG is one of the leading and most popular IT training centers in Germany. It offers more than 550 different seminars in all relevant IT topics, which includes Java...
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Modular Mind is a US-based one-person company devoted to providing high-quality RCP and OSGi training to organizations of all sizes. Training is available onsite or online, and...
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IBM Eclipse Support Center delivers Eclipse support service for IBM. Detailed description can be found here....
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Workshop J2EE OSGi Console Workshop J2EE OSGi Web Workshop J2EE OSGi Module Structure Workshop J2EE OSGi Structure Workshop J2EE OSGi Maven Structure
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AcceCite provides a graphical solution to design accessible e-services....
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Our three (Workshops, Methodologies, & Service) service models, coupled with resources well trained in best practices and intensive workshops, will ensure your systems meet your...
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Nascent Blue is an IT Solution Outsourcing and Architecture Services firm. Our approach maximizes total value to our clients by combining customized tooling, model-driven...
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Based on Dynamic Web Project facets,Provider XML script language,Good design component have appropriate size,You can assembly application quickly with XML script(like ant).And...
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Code Confidence™ delivers class-leading development tools, training and consulting centered around the C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) and GNU toolchain components.
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