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WireframeSketcher is a rapid wireframing tool that helps quickly create wireframes, mockups and prototypes for desktop, web and mobile applications.
Last Updated on 29 October 2014 by Peter Severin
Your Android Application performance will be better than any other days With this AUIDT Plug-in....
Last Updated on 28 July 2012 by andy kim
Version 1.1.0 What's New Aspose New Java APIs - support is Added, in Aspose Project Wizard/Aspose API Examples for the following new products: Aspose.Diagram Aspose.Tasks MIT...
Last Updated on 13 September 2014 by Aspose Marketplace
Eclipse plugin for grepping content in one console and outputting it to another console.
Last Updated on 22 September 2010 by yoav
Cucumber JVM Eclipse Plugin was created by James Phillpotts a year ago. It is hosted on GitHub. For newer version checkCucumber-Eclipse Llisted in Nodeclipse Plugins List
Last Updated on 21 October 2014 by Paul Verest
Automagically enable db4o Transparent Persistence for Java via Eclipse
Last Updated on 12 May 2010 by germanviscuso
The Eclipse Icon Archive Tool provides quick access to thousands of Eclipse icons. Browse and search tools make finding icons quick and easy. The export feature lets you save...
Last Updated on 30 December 2013 by Bruce Green
The only purpose of this tiny plugin (6K) is to open the folder in the native file manager containing the selected resource. It adds "Open in File System" to the context menu...
Last Updated on 15 December 2009 by Markus Junginger
Version 0.5.4 of Graphrex, the regular expression visualization and testing tool, fixes a bug that caused FileNotFound errors on Linux....
Last Updated on 6 April 2012 by Alan
Java profiler integrated with Eclipse.
Last Updated on 6 October 2014 by Yoshitaka