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Transparency Alert: I work for ZeroTurnaround, creators of JRebel. If you don't want to see what other people in the Java community have said about JRebel, please turn your eyes away.... ;-)


--Alan S, Java EE Developer said:

"JRebel is an awesome product. I probably save 3 hours out of a 6.5 hour workday using JRebel - I use Eclipse with JBoss and it saves me a tremendous amount of time by not having to restart JBoss every time I make a change."

--Peter Barber from Caitlin UK said:

"It used to take 5 mins to rebuild and restart the server - now we see changes pretty much instantaneously. I saw the value right away."

--Bob Janousek, Software Engineer at Calltrade said:

"Once we started using our JRebel Evaluation, we realized that we don't want to go back to the old way anymore! :-)"

--Adam Wells, Development Manager at PIPE Networks Pty Limited said:

"We were attracted to JRebel because we had grown very frustrated with starting JBoss app sever constantly. After seeing JRebel mentioned in several blogs recently, we gave it a try. While it doesn't eliminate app server restarts completely, we only redeploy about 10% as much as before, saving both time and attention span!"