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Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 08:48
amirea's picture

It lets you use it for about a week per month. It doesn't let you know about its limited functionality and when you'll learn this it's too late as you'll probably not be able to uninstall it either!

So now I can't edit typescript files at all.


tweddlelmg's picture

Andrei, the licensing situation can be seen on our website: For continuous use, the license fee is very reasonable.

I'm not sure why you can't edit TypeScript files at all; if base eclipse has no specialized TypeScript editor, the standard text editor can always be used. To uninstall, it may be easier to do that from the MarketPlace client within eclipse, as the TypeScript plugin installs several features, which may not be immediately apparent from the Installation Details dialog (though you can filter on "genuitec" to find to top level pieces of software to uninstall.

If you have issues with the plugin, our support forums are the best place to raise them.

Thanks for trying it out and I'm sorry you didn't find the plugin's features useful enough to obtain a full license for it. I hope you consider us again in future (note that this plugin is part of a family of plugins - Webclipse, Angular IDE and TypeScript - that can all be used with a single Webclipse license).

jmussons's picture

Plugin is good, but be adviced that it expires after some days and requires a commercial license, 


otherwise works as expected