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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 09:52
ddmitrynkj's picture

I also prefer to be able to customize the Outline pannel - for example to add Verilog Named Blocks. Is it possible?

tbinkowski's picture

That's a real nice thing - whenever I have not tested it so much by now.
I'm missing one feature:
(System)Verilog knows named blocks, eg:

always @(*) begin : MY_REAL_COOL_BLOCK
/* Do stuff */

Would be really cool when this name could be displayed in the Outline as it is done for module-instance names.
Thanks for the great work!

smisingnamegc3's picture

Kudos to Matthew for all the hard work he has put into, and continues to put into this editor. I am using it at work, and a number of my colleagues at work are also starting to use it.

Keep up the good work Matt.

(Full disclosure: I have fixed a handfull of bugs, but Matthew has done all the real work here)