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Thanks for the great plug-in! I really like it and would like to add it to a customized Eclipse product. Can the key binding be redefined (not by the end user but e.g. in plugin_customization.ini)? The end user can redefine the key binding via the preference dialog in order to resolve the conflict with Key Assist. What I am looking for is a chance to set the default preference to key binding which is different from Ctrl + Shift + L.

An internal error occurred during: "QuickSearch".
Java heap space

I have 12 projects in my workspace, nothing unusual. Everything else I work on runs without causing any problems.
It doesnt matter what text I´m searching, I get that error in any case.

There is also no difference between Luna M7 and Kepler.

update: setting -Xmx1024m in eclipse.ini file helped. Now it works fine and I love it :)

I think having search in a pop-up dialog box is a really bad idea and reminds me of search in old versions of Microsoft Word. Having search inline as a tab allows for an easy workflow as you aren't blocking anything and constantly moving around a dialog box. Instasearch is inline, and would be a really good search extension if it allowed for exact matches and case sensitive searches. I'm still looking for the holy grail of search in eclipse but unfortunately I don't think it exists yet.

Really helps to find text in a software. Easier and faster than existing text search (results appear in real time)
Highly recommended.
Should be part of standard distribution.

Works great! However it is the same binding Ctrl+Shif+L as standard "View all keyboard shortcuts", that I find useful.

Ctrl+Shift+L shows Quick Search
Ctrl+Shift+L twice shows list of shortcut
Ctrl+Shift+L 3 times shows Preferences > General > Keys

This should be part of the Eclipse platform, it blows the regular text search feature out of the water. Installed it both on STS and vanilla Eclipse.