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Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 08:33
ablewitt's picture

The Mars repository doesn't have a link to the dependencies repository, with the result that this can't be installed. For example, using alone fails, because the only lists tools as a child repository; but if you browse to you'll see there's another magic repository at which is where the missing dependencies exist.

Bottom line: the file and file need to have the dependencies child added.

Also, slight complaint: there's no reason why needs to list a copy of Eclipse Mars, or for that matter EGit or M2E. These are already available through other means and the purpose of this repository is to allow an installation into an existing install, not to replace or upgrade the version of Eclipse or other components used.

kkomissarchik's picture

The repository is not broken, but you do have to leave the "use other repositories" checkbox on or p2 will not utilize the associated dependencies repository referenced from the tools repository. Unfortunately, we cannot simply reference the dependencies repository in the root composite because of a p2 limitation that does not allow one to specify that categories from a composite entry should be suppressed. We do not want to have categories from dependencies showing up in the OEPE repository.

Regarding your comment on the content of the dependencies repository, we have a legal requirement that we do not reach out externally for dependencies when installing. As our product depends on a variety of Eclipse components, we mirror those components. Unfortunately, p2 tends to unnecessarily upgrade components during the installation, if newer versions are found. We cannot do anything about that behavior.

You may also be interested in our network installer, which uses the same repository to create a complete Eclipse installation.

epomatti's picture

The plugin for WebLogic integration is good but it lacks some useful functions.

This plugin does not support JSF 2, and features like auto-complete for beans annotated with @ManagedBean do not work. It is frustrating, leads to errors or requires declaration in the faces-config.xml in order for auto-complete to work properly. Can we please have this feature added for future releases?


It also does not have a start/stop/restart for applications in WebLogic. It would help to have that commands at hand.

kkomissarchik's picture

This has been identified as a bug. There is more in the following forum thread:

epomatti's picture

That forum thread was opened by me. After almost two months the problem is still happening.

kkomissarchik's picture

This is a good suggestion. I have opened an enhancement request.