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Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 11:15
kdeanpc2's picture

I've spend a few hours getting NTail 1.3.4 to work in Windows 64-bit Eclipse Kepler or Luna, but have no luck. I think there is a potential bug. However, this works in Linux 64-bit. Fortunately I have an old version (see version # below) laying around and it works fine with Windows 64-bit Kepler and Luna.

Windows 7 64-bit
NTail version #

tbradley's picture

I fear that NTail didn't make the transition to Kepler (Eclipse 4.3) very well. I just installed NTail and restarted Eclipse, but there is no section on the Preferences for NTail, nor is there an NTail view. Eclipse says it's installed, but it's invisible. I guess that shouldn't be too surprising, since there have been no updates to NTail in years.

cmatti's picture

NTail works for me on Kepler. I'm using:
Version: Kepler Service Release 2
Build id: 20140224-0627

In Window->Show View->Other. Then in the Logging folder there is NTail visible. Clikc on in and the tab shows up. I've tested a few log files and all basic functions work as expected.

This is an excellent logging plug-in. Thanks Gerald Rosenberg!

smisingnamedeo's picture

How about it!

cverbiest's picture

It is marked as a plugin for Eclipse 3.5 but it still works in 3.7.
I just copied the net.certiv.ntail_1.3.0.201006150903.jar from a previous install to the plugin directory

odigennaro's picture

This plugin does exactly what I need to have done. I've added it to Adobe Flash Builder, in order to view the flash player log file (debug player only).
It's perfect.
Easy to install, the right level of control. The hardest part is finding the location of the log file...