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ProSyst mBProfiler is a source code optimization tool for embedded Java projects and enables developers to tune up their Java programs increasing enormously their productivity and the quality of the delivered software.
The main features of mBProfiler are:
• Memory profiling with class, object, and call tree views
• Memory hot spots
• Heap allocation information
• CPU profiling in timing and sampling mode
• CPU call tree view and hot spots
• Tracking the stack traces of the active threads and the monitors they use
• Visual representation of the VM work loads by different parameters
• Source code reference
• Garbage collection during profiling
• Local and remote profiling
• Saving and exporting the profiling information for further examination

The key benefits of mBProfiler are:
• Only Java profiler offering such features for embedded development
• Unique architecture with minimal memory overhead in profiling mode on the target system
• Support of a wide range of JVMs, embedded operating systems, and processors
• Easily extensible with support for additional platforms on request

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