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Friday, October 19, 2018 - 10:41
aydna's picture

This is one piece of a rougue plugin that you do not want in your eclipse. On installation it replaces _all_ file associations and registers itself as default editor for all languages - C++/Python/Java/anything. And it is freaking buggy, e.g. outline does not work at all in C++.

fzadroznyr0g's picture

I think there may be an issue in your install... it should only register itself as the default for languages which don't have a default editor. Please create an entry at if that's not the case for you.

vstupakov's picture

1) The "set" is not highlighted after comment like:
# comment
set(VAR "MY VAR")

2) The "set" is highlighted with error.
Any occurrence of "set" (except after '#' comment) is highlighted without highlighting of symbol 's'.

1) The "export" is not highlighted after comment like:
# comment
export VAR=MY_VAR

ikuraj's picture

Awesome plugin. Especially helpful when only the syntax highlighting is needed (in some cases, without the need to install full-fledged plugins that come with other tools like compiler chains).

It would be good to see support for some other languages (like Scala sbt, for which there are already emacs and vim syntax files). Not sure how hard is for the community to create and contribute new language files.

fzadroznyr0g's picture

As LiClipseText supports textmate grammars, you may want to try using as explained in: