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I'd like to install this one, but I am stuck with the error

Unable to read repository at [LazyAndroidUpdateSite].
[LazyAndroidUpdateSite] is not a valid repository location.

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Updated, nothing has changed --- can use on all eclipse versions & download again.

I didn't actually install or try it but I did watch the demonstration video. I prefer to do most of my layouts programmatic-ally but I do occasionally use xml layouts. Not really often enough where something like this would be useful for me but it did make me think about it a bit. I think if you were able to alter it a bit so someone would right click on a layout and click generate activity and then have the standard create class / package dialog pop up it would be pretty handy. Basically it would be just like creating a new class, except after you picked the name/package you would end up with a new activity class preloaded with your variables / oncreate function / listeners for buttons / lists / etc... You could even have it generate custom view instances per each internal layout...

Anyway, it's a good start, I'll be keeping an eye on your progress...

Thanks for spending your time on this and sharing it with the community.

Thanks for this amazing plugin, it removes a HUGE HUGE amount of tedium from android coding, good work Ive just saved myself tons of time!

Great plugin! More like this.

I only would prefer call it directly from code, like quick action (like "Generate toString()") if cursor will be on layout reference or open dialog with layout search.

I just got back into it a little bit, but source is here if you have ideas to add.

Thanks a ton for the positive feedback by the way! I felt like I saved a chunk of people a fair amount of time, and you're the ONLY response or feedback I've had thus far! I've added a # of changes that impact development for rapid developers and help avoid repetitive injuries, I'm waiting for a few more comments or for people to check into the source control branch. I've had about 10 people rip it off and blog about it, 0 check in anything to the source control branch. Makes me feel like open source development is a joke.

Hey Tomas,

I'd love to do a lot more with it. Not as much time as I would like. The source code is open on my blog if you'd like to add more shortcuts to it, please check them in and i'll update the tool =).


Ryan Mattison