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M S Sawan's picture

I couldn't run it on large projects, and it doesn't utilize the full potential of my hardware, the processor is max at 26%!!! and it is very slowwww, it has never finished finding opportunities to extract classes!!

Nikolaos Tsantalis's picture

Thank you for your feedback. I would like if possible to clarify two points:
1) Do the projects being analyzed contain machine-generated code? Usually generated code (e.g., parsers) is very complex and slows down the analysis for the detection of refactoring opportunities. We are currently automatically excluding the classes generated by JavaCC, ANTLR, JFlex, and CUP parser generators. If your project contains machine-generated code, we would be thankful if you could provide the name of the generator.
2) You can also consider to apply the detection on a specific package, or even on specific classes, instead of the entire project.
JDeodorant analyzes only the part of the project (package or compilation unit) selected in the Package Explorer.

benoit besson's picture

Tested on my code suggestions and corrections are not relevant. Use checkstyle/pmd/findbugs instead...