JadClipse 3.4.0

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Thank you

Submitted by Kevin Li on

Thank you

works great...

Excellent plugin.. setup done in less than 5 mins and turning out to be really helpful...

Works great during debug session as well as dont have to attach source files anymore :)

JadClipse not working with Eclipse Juno

Hi, I tried configure JadClipse with Eclipse Juno but it does not decompile the class files. I have configured JAD as my default decompiler and also changed jadClipse class editor as default editor for class files. (Preference--> General --> Editors --> File Association).
Please confirm if jadClipse is compatible with Eclipse Juno or if there is any configuration I'm missing.

Thanks in advance!

JadClipse Entry in Eclipse marketplace does not work

Hi - didn't know where else to report this: JadClipse's entry in the Eclipse marketplace does not seem to work!
I am using Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) and searched for JadClipse in the Eclipse marketplace. I found the entry, but the link on that entry does not work. The URL shown after clicking the green down-arrow on this eclipse website finally did the trick (when added as new update site).

Thank you

Cool and useful plugin.

I used it some time ago and it was helpful, then I updated to newer eclipse versions and the plugin kept throwing exceptions and interfeared with call hierarchy and stuff, so I uninstalled it for a while. Now I tried it again and it works as expected so far.