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Photon (4.8)
Oxygen (4.7)
Neon (4.6)
2018-09 (4.9)
2018-12 (4.10)

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EGradle is a lightweight, fast and comfortable gradle integration for eclipse (>= Neon)


Features overview


  • Console and Eclipse can be used parallel without conflicts
  • New Project Wizard
    • Build in templates for full java projects (single and multi project)
    • Possibility to create custom templates 
  • EGradle Editor
    • Syntax highlighting
      • Supporting Java, Groovy, Gradle keywords, GroovyDoc etc.
      • Colors customizable
      • Also additional default colors for dark theme
    • Outline view + Quick outline
    • Code completion and tooltips
    • Parse error handling
    • Bracket switching and highlighting, auto close on curly brackets
    • Block comments (CTRL + 7)
    • Hyperlinking to other gradle files, URLs, Java and Groovy types
  • Gradle execution
    • Launch configurations
    • Quick launch
    • Compile and evaluation errors occurring at launch time are marked in editor and error view
  • JUnit Integration
    • Import all junit results from existing gradle build results to JUnit view by one click
    • Launch JUnit tests by gradle (all, all of a sub project, one test class, one test method...) and show results in JUnit view
  • Virtual root project
  • Synchronization by one click
  • Keywords are highlighted in Console
  • Integrated eclipse help
  • Multiple ways to import gradle projects
  • Can automatically set build folders as "derived"
  • Rebuild working sets on re-importing gradle projects
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Eclipse Versions: 
Photon (4.8), Oxygen (4.7), Neon (4.6), 2018-09 (4.9), 2018-12 (4.10)
Platform Support: 
Windows, Mac, Linux/GTK
Organization Name: 
Date Created: 
Tue, 2016-09-13 14:26
Development Status: 
Apache 2.0
Date Updated: 
Tue, 2018-11-27 10:25
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 11:58
atregnaghi's picture

As of the solution was renamed to "EGradle IDE" and so the marketplace site was moved




rkhimasia's picture

I use the EGradle Editor plugin along with Buildship. How does this plugin compare with buildship? 

atregnaghi's picture

For about a year my team (at work) decided to use gradle as build system for our big enterprise project (JEE, different ears, message driven beans etc. etc.) So we tried out different IDE implementations (for eclipse) and became frustrated when often having problems when using console and eclipse in parallel. Sometimes the workspace was full destroyed and parts did no longer work etc. I just wanted to have a simple integration of the most needed parts for development: a good editor, unit tests should fail as on build server..., launch-configurations, some validation, information about build problems etc. I also tried out buildship and was not full convinced.

This was the time I started the development of my own plugin: EGradle.

EGradle aim was to have a smart and simple integration into eclipse which will ALWAYS work in console and eclipse IDE side by side without any problems. A simple "gradlew eclipse" shall never destroy the workspace etc. If I did start a build from console and I want to show the Junit-Results in Eclipse this should be only one single click. The main logic shall be kept inside Gradle.

When developing EGradle (IDE) I also started a dedicated Editor. After some time I was asked to make the editor standalone so I did with EGradle 2.0. where the editor came also sepearate /standalone available.

I think Buildship is a real sophisticated and good Project. The decision for question :"Should I use EGradle or Buildship ?" depends on your needs at all. I do a "eat your own dogfood" approach with EGradle in my own work and I am still happy with it. But it has some consequences : For the convenience of a "single click feature" like "import all junit results from last build" only one gradle project is set to current active (but can easily switch between). I think buildship does not have those restrictions, but some other issues- so it depends...

For more details about "Why EGradle?" please read FAQ. or the Wiki at all.

atregnaghi's picture

The update site has been changed, because former URL causes sometimes problem. Old URL should also work but is deprecated now.

atregnaghi's picture

With release of version 1.3.1 today, the deprecated update site was removed.