Eclipse XPath evaluation plugin

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Eric Cornely's picture

When a file has a default namespace (xmlns="something") without prefix nothing is selectable.

Even when adding manualy the namespace value association with an empty string.

I have to define a prefix and use that prefix all arround...

Sergey Zolotaryov's picture

- does not gather namespace info from the file itself, would be very easy to implement; it's quite tedious to fill it in by hand, esp. taking into account that this info is forgotten when you close the xml file
- would be nice to have options to ignore namespaces, etc.

Martin Uhlir's picture

Thanks for suggestion. I've just released new version 1.3.0 which contains a new button to load all the namespaces from the current file, so no need to enter those data manually anymore.

tw bert's picture

A list of the returned XPath objects would in some cases be preferable, the raw xml is a lot of clutter if you are looking for all results of a complex query. A simple 'Number of results' in a Text widget would already be a big improvement.
In total: very nice plugin, also without the above request. Great that the namespaces work like they should (a feature that many online XPath evaluators miss or don't implement right).
Drag&Drop from the browser into Indigo also worked fine for me, chiq.

Kind regards, tw

Martin Uhlir's picture

Thanks for suggesting new enhancements. I've just implemented your request for showing "Number of results" of the executed query, so feel free to update to the newest version:-)
Can you, please, let me know more specifically what you mean by "list of returned XPath objects"?

Werner Keil's picture

Looks good, I also installed it via Drag&Drop from the browser successfully into Indigo. Why haven't you converted the Google Code Project into EclipseLabs btw., or started there in the first place?

Martin Uhlir's picture

Thanks. Yeah, I think I should have done that. Well, I'll check the possibilities of moving the project under EclipseLabs.