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Friday, September 21, 2018 - 09:32
jhemming's picture

Thank you for writing Eclipse Runner which I wish I had installed before today.  I wonder if you might consider adding a facility to export from the launch configuration to a runnable jar file (or some other similar types of export). As the launch configurations are used to specify things like the Main class etc it would seem quite logical.

postkasten's picture

Hello John,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Currently there are no plans to add such a feature. The ultimate goal of the eclipserunner plugin is to enable you to quickly execute repetetive and often needed tasks. Tasks which you need very often during development. E.g. starting a specific unit test while you are browsing code in an unrelated source file.

I think that the use case "exporting your program to a runnable jar file"  is a task you typically execute far less often than use cases like "executing a specific unit test" or "start one of the programs which you have currently opened in your IDE".

Therefore I am not going to spend my time on implementing such a feature. But, I would happily accept a pull request if you want to contribute code implementing the feature requested by you. If you want I can also help you getting started... Just let me know.

Kind regards,

postkasten's picture

The Eclipse Marketplace has been updated to contain a valid Eclipse Runner P2 update site. Installing this plugin using the Eclipse Marketplace now works again.

postkasten's picture

Lukasz and I are currently working on to update the Eclipse Marketplace with a valid P2 update site.

In the meantime you can use the update site from my eclipserunner repo (zaunerc/eclipserunnerplugin @ GitHub) or the update site from Michaels eclipserunner repo (scharf/eclipserunnerplugin @ GitHub). Feature-wise both repos currenlty contain the latest plugin version.

Hint: To browse the contents of Michaels P2 update site you need to use a P2 repo browser (e.g. the Repository Browser Plugin from the Eclipse Oomph project). Using a HTTP browser will result in a 400: Invalid request.

rmotza's picture

the code and an installation website can be found (as said previously) on github: scharf/eclipserunnerplugin

oyilmazti1's picture

The link no longer has this plugin, I have found a fork of it on github:

Works awesome.

nmayrjg7's picture

The icon of eclipse runner plugin does not view well with eclipse when dark theme is enabled. Please update the icon of eclipse runner plugin by having transparent borders (png). Thanks.

amiddleton's picture

Just a quick question - is there a way to export the settings? We have the same launch configurations over a number of laptops and it would save time if the settings are exportable.


wachowicz's picture

Hi Andy,

I'm not working on the plugin any more, but today o got an email from Michael who has forked the project in github and we're going to release a new version. So maybe it's a good moment for you to join the project and implement export functionality ? :-) i suppose it's not a big deal. if you're ready to hack, write me an email and i'll give you commiter rights to the plugin.


anemyatov's picture

Very nice feature. Simple and usefull, as it should be ))

mzhu's picture

Nice feature. Save a lot of time!

akowal's picture

very nice, simple and usefull tool =) if you have dozens of run targets - it's essential plugin for you. thanks a lot guys!