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kurazs iosif's picture

eclipse crashing whit error message:
An error has occurred. See error log for more details.

Shaunak J's picture


I am not able to see "Jeeeyul's Themes" option under appearance menu.
I am using Eclipse Kepler and I also installed this plugin with update site and then restarted eclipse.. but I am not able to see any such options.

Do help me with that!!!

Thank you!

Ricardas Mising name's picture

Very nice pugin!

Kazen Gallman's picture

So basiclly i installed it and i went to it in prefrinces i changed things and tryed most of the presets however the only thing that showed when i applied was the backround color and margin color and i tryed most of the preset and im a little disapointed since i was looking forward to having eclispe purple or green but it s not working like how it is in the pictures if there is something that might be causing this please tell me

Renato Perini's picture

I won't use Eclipse anymore without this plugin.
This plugin is the only thing that makes Eclipse good looking.
Thank you.

Ricardas Mising name's picture

Super on Ubuntu!

Missing name Mising name's picture

Well Done. That would be nice to have a dark version of this theme too.

Mario Serrano's picture

Many colors and presets.. thanks

Chathura Mising name's picture

This is just awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Hannes Stoiser's picture

Really Cool, Big Thanks!!!

Gaurav Kadyan's picture

I have created a account just to Thank you. Awesome plugin. Keep it up.

bruno rozendo's picture

Congratulations! very nice job

Ishtiaq Amin's picture

Me too

Gayan Perera's picture

The latest version is the greatest ever :)

Sebastian Knutti Castro's picture

i had used this plugin and love it from first moment, config ecliupse colors as i want, but the last update let me without my themes, because i suppous compatibility with new version, then i re-make my old personal theme on the new plugin, then i notice: in workbench with two or more separate windows, for example the console atached to a secondary screen for confort, the background color is default of eclipse, and not the jeeeyul's configured color

please update this color bug and search the way to recover compatibility with old personal themes

i want to know which CSS commands accept the plugin and which not
do yuo have a tutorial for using the CSS capabilities of the plugin??

thanks and greetings, very good job

Jeeeyul Lee's picture

You can read Documentation for CSS:

Jeeeyul Lee's picture

* Since 2.1.5 there is new configuration for background.
* Secondary window problem is fixed in 2.1.6.

If you suffer problem with current release version, please post a issue through not here.

Johannes Guck's picture

You did a really great job!! THX!!

Currently there appears a warning while installing, which could make new users feel uncomfortable. Maybe you can add a own key?

Here is a short "How to sign a plugin"

That would be great!!

But once again: Great job! My eyes are happy!

Renato Perini's picture

Simply amazing. It brought back the pleasure to code with Eclipse.
Good job.

This should be really the default theme for Eclipse.

Randy Hudson's picture

Now if there were just a way to update the old, washed-out icons.
Is there any way to have lines between the non-selected tabs?
Has anyone else noticed that workbench resize behavior is broken in e4? I had it fixed years ago in bug 19524.

Fathony Luthfillah's picture

I agree with Randy Hudson. Is there a way to:
* change icons
* have lines (2 lines)
I dreamed that chrome can do something like "Maclipse" does:

Because, chrome has replaced the tab-close icon.
Btw, thanks you. Finally Eclipse has full-color now :)P

Frank Baxter's picture

Extremely well done and highly configurable. I just converted to Keppler and this theme really helped improve it over the default. Loved the MRU toggle, should be part of all themes. Thank you!

Mohan PAKALPATI's picture

Wow its great visual enhancer for Eclipse workbench

finally Eclipse got Colours.............

Thanks Lee

Everton Agner's picture

I simply cannot use Eclipse without this theme anymore. :)

Private Mising name's picture

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software being installed: Jeeeyul's Themes (
Missing requirement: Jeeeyul's Themes ( requires 'org.eclipse.xtend2.lib 0.0.0' but it could not be found

-- Hoping you have time soon to fix this issue. I'm really looking forward to using your project.


Paul Verest's picture

I ran into the same error today (though before it was OK)

XTend SDK can be found on main update repository (e.g. Kepler)

Matt Judge's picture

I mimic'd the look and feel of Visual Studio 2010. Perfect for me :)

Lee Wang-soo's picture


G P's picture

thank you so much

Lateef Alabi-Oki's picture

You make Eclipse visually satisfying again. Well done!

Anthony E's picture

Thanks for this great theme!! I can finally upgrade from 3.7.2 to 4.2 and get rid of that ugly default theme in 4.2. I am so much happier now!!!

yuval peery's picture

The default theme just drove me nuts.
Now I can use the colors which are good
for my eyes.

Bless you Sir for producing such a good

Ievgen Lukash's picture

After some tweaking made though UI it became perfect. One thing for my taste: added in custom CSS tab CTabFolder.MPartStack { padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;}

Todor Todorov's picture

Because of your work I allowed myself to move to eclipse 4 - you're the best, thank you :)

Mikhail Stepura (mishail)'s picture

My eyes thank you from the bottom of their... eyes

Brian Bowman's picture

as others have said, eclipse on ubuntu is not currently usable without this. great job!

Ludovic WALLE's picture

Steps to reproduce:
- Select an item in Navigator view.
- Activate an other view, say an editor view.
- Select the same item in Navigator view.
=> All items except the selected one disapear from the view. They are refreshed when moving the mouse over places where should be displayed, or when the full view is refreshed (hiding then showing the view for example).
When using an other theme, everything works fine.

Jeeeyul Lee's picture

Which OS and Eclipse do you use?
I can't reproduce problem you described.

And please use github page to file a bug, or question.
I don't check this page except when I have to edit contents since it doesn't have notification.

Cho HyunJong's picture

Thanks jeeeyul

Alexandre Pauzies's picture

I quickly created a "mac" theme if you're interested: eclipse-mac-theme on github

Kubrt Kubrtovič's picture

Great job, the editor is beautiful thanks.
It is no possible to use Juno on Debian (Gnome2) without this.
(Juno uses some systems colors and some Juno design colors and the result is very many different colors. The free spaces between dialogs are too wide, etc…)

Philip Aston's picture

I wasted a lot of time hacking the CSS to make Juno's appearance acceptable on Ubuntu 12.04.

Then I found this plugin. Great work!

Jeeeyul Lee's picture

Now you can adjust colors globally, It makes easier to change color scheme from existing one.

Mickael Istria's picture

This plugin does not only provide several beautiful CSS, it is also a graphical CSS editor which makes quite easy to create our own CSS just by picking colors.'s picture

Very nice, Thanks. Much better then standard theme on mac.

Sopot Cela's picture

Really cool, thanks.

Michael Sena's picture

Makes Eclipse 4.2 actually look nice! Nice work :)

Mario Marinato's picture

Thanks for sharing. The blue theme looks nice.