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Photon (4.8)
Oxygen (4.7)
Neon (4.6)
Mars (4.5)
Luna (4.4)
Kepler (4.3)
Juno (4.2, 3.8)
Previous to Juno (<=4.1)
2018-09 (4.9)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 08:28
lgoldstein's picture

After upgrading to Cucumber 4.x the following capabilities were lost:

  • Following a Cucumber step definition from the feature file to the Java method that implements it

    With 2.x It was possible to hover over a step definition which would become a clickable "link" which when clicked would lead to the method that was responsible for implementing the step.

  • Seeing a green marker arrow indicating the step about to be execute in the scenario

    With 2.x, the JUnit view would display the steps of the currently executing scenario with a little green "arrow" marker that indicated the next step to be executed. Now there is no green arrow and (worse) no steps list - only the name of the executed scenario.

I am using Eclipse 2018-09 (a.k.a. 4.9) - but these capabilities were lost also on Photon (a.k.a. 4.8)


gpandam3m's picture

Updated For Release Version 0.22