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Friday, May 25, 2018 - 14:23

I got this error message when trying to install this plugin in Neon 3 on Mac. Any idea?

It appears the marketplace entry is pointing to an archived version:

Yes, it still points to the wrong upgrade site.

Somebody tell us When will this be corrected?

Tks !

Hmm,  I had archived some directories and realized I over did it.  I had put it back in our downloads folder, but because I didn't delete it from the archives folder, it still thinks it is archived.  Try it now.

-- Jeff J.

Still not able to access the docker tooling plugin

Nor now

Sorry, I can't find where to report this error. After installing this plugin EGit's Git Staging view broke:

A problem was found where Docker Tooling was bringing in dependencies that causes issues with other plug-ins.  If you installed 2.3.1, try uninstalling and replacing with the version which has back-levelled some dependencies.

This problem will not occur with Eclipse Oxygen and later.