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Monday, October 22, 2018 - 16:18
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I am unable to find Java 11 listed under Windows -> Preferences -> Java-> compiler -> JDK complaince (Compiler complaince level). I get to see Java 1 through 10 But not Java 11. I am succefully added Installed JRE and it gets listed. 

I use Eclipse 2018-09 version.

As mentioned in this page I tried

but it seems no luck.

Can you please help me with the issue gets resolved.,




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You have to install this Marketplace entry.

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Don't work in Eclipse 2018-09 final
"Eclipse PDE Patch with Java 11 support for 2018-09 development stream" is not applicable to the current configuration and will not be installed.

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For all who get an error regarding "Eclipse PDE Patch ...":

PDE is not included in some Eclipse Packages. To work around this issue, you may try to

  1. Install "Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment" from from the built-in update site
  2. Then install this Marketplace Entry