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Monday, September 24, 2018 - 03:43
hdurand's picture

I've downloaded and installed Eclipse Neon 3. Then I go to the marketplace, find the plugin and ask for its installation by clicking the "Install" button.

Then it shows what it will install but it does not install the "bluemix" plugin.

With Eclipse Photon, I just can't see the plugin in the list.

- Does this plugin still work?

- What is the solution with Eclipse Photon?

hdurand's picture

What is the new solution to integrate Eclipse PHOTON with Bluemix?

mpunnavalli's picture

when i am adding Bluemix tools in eclipse through eclipse market place i am getting this type of error.i have tried many times and i changed my work space 2-3 times.i am getting this type of error...

An out of memory error has occurred. consult the "Running Eclipse" section of the read me file for information on preventing this kind of error in the future.
you are recommended to exit the work bench.
subsequent errors may happen and terminate the workbench with out with out warning.

I am getting IDE exception error like below.

An internal error has occurred.
Widget is disposed

Unhandled error
unable to create new native thread

mbelhassen's picture

I tried to add this "IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix" to Neon 3 but the module cannot be retrieved from the marketplace:


I tried to download the last version of eclipse for java ee developper but the download link is broken

Could you assist me how to fix this problem!!



eyuen's picture

I just tried the installation by following the instructions in, downloaded Neon.3 and install via the Eclipse Marketplace in Eclipse and I can install the IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix successfully. Can you try follow that instruction to see if that resolves the problem?  In case you still see the installation problem, can you let us know what platform are you running on and the exact error message that you are seeing during the installation?


ajainjp6's picture

When I am installing IBM Bluemix plugin from Help ----> Eclipse Marketplace ---> search for Bluemix.

It is only showing 1 plugin i.e. "IBM Eclipse tool for Bluemix for Neon" ,  When I click on Install, it is asking for 5 subplugins along with it

1. Cloud Foundry Tools care

2. Cloud Foundry Tools UI

3. IBM Bluemix tools

4. Websphere Application Server Liberty Toold

5. Websphere Application Server Migration Toolkit


, and I checked them all and proceed for installation. In installation process, it is telling me that selected plugins could not be installed " 1, 2, 3 and 4th " . It is telling that only the 5th plugin i.e. Websphere Application Server Migration Toolkit

will be installed.

Can anyone help me what is the issue here ?

FYI, I am using Version: Kepler Service Release 1 abd jdk is C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_80 .

Can we not install Bluemix plugins in Eclipse Kepler version?

bmillerbk4's picture

Bluemix is moving from DEA to Diego. Will this version support Diego?


eyuen's picture

Yes, this version supports both DEA and Diego.

ajainjp6's picture

While installing Bluemix plugins from Help ---> Eclipse marketplace, it is asking me for 5 plugins. I checked them all. But while proceeding for installation, I am getting like this :
Following versions could not be installed :
1. Cloud Foundry Tools Core
2. Cloud Foundry Tools UI
3. IBM Bluemix tools
4.  Websphere Application Server Liberty tools

and only this could be installed
5. Websphere Application Server Migration Toolkit

Can anyone help me with this? Shall I proceed with only 1 plugin installation or it is coming because of my Eclipse version?

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I do wish that it would apply a theme to Eclipse as a whole instead of just the editor windows.