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Gradle (STS) Integration for Eclipse

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aozkan's picture


Ive started getting this error when importing a gradle project using the gradle sts plugin within eclipse. could you please help me.

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

Build file 'F:\Something\build.gradle' line: 185

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred evaluating root project 'Keyservice'.
> Could not find method all() for arguments [build_doyroetkk5y6vzpsvtcfkrau4$_run_closure8_closure20_closure21@12c0e03b] on org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.dsl.DefaultComponentMetadataHandler_Decorated@19768c99.

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Hard to say what the problem is in this case. Looks like the build script itself doesn't work maybe. Did you try to run the Gradle build from the command line to see if that works? If that works, I would recommend to open a bug report against the Gradle STS support and attach a sample project.

On a side note: the STS Gradle support will be retired soon. You should start to look at the Buildship plugin for Eclipse, which is the new Gradle integration for Eclipse.

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It would be nice to be able to import an existing Gradle project. I tried regular import, but

  1. I need to manually add Gradle container to file .classpath. There is not even a GUI window/wizard to do that; I have to edit the raw file.
  2. The project is a regular Java project, so in the context menu there is no "Gradle (STS)". (And I love the cool Gradle icon!)
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Not sure what you mean by 'regular wizard'. But in order to configure a gradle project for use in Eclipse this plugin provides an import wizard. Go to "File >> Import >> Gradle (STS) >> Gradle (STS) Project".

If your project already exist in the Eclipse workspace as an Eclipse project, your easiest option is probably to delete the project (but not its contents), and then import it with the Gradle STS import wizard.

franklinyu's picture

Seems like I had never imported a project correctly (I had always been "importing by creating project") . This works and thank you.

hleew3v's picture

I tried to install this plugin by EclipseMarket, but this error happened:
No repository found at "http://"

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I tried to install the Gradle tooling in a fresh Eclipse Mars JEE install and it worked fine. There might be stale cache data somewhere in your installation that causes this issue. Please remove the update site from the list of the available update sites (in the Preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Update Sites), restart Eclipse, and then try again. Before restarting Eclipse you might also want to clean the p2 cache directory in your Eclipse installation (inside the p2 directory).

Hope that helps!!!

hleew3v's picture

Thank you.
I removed the list of the available update sites and restarted Eclipse. But it still doesn't work.
I tried to access the site(h__p:// by chrome.
the result is:

403 Forbidden
Request forbidden by administrative rules.

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The update site is not meant to be used via a browser, since it doesn't serve a default index file. What happens if you paste the update site URL into the "Install New Software" dialog? Does the content show up? If so, try to install the components from there (the Gradle tooling in your case).

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-Google "Installing Gradle Tooling"
-Search for a github page (spring-projects/eclipse-integration-gradle) and enter
-Scroll down and search for "Installing Gradle Tooling from update site" subtitle
-Copy the latest release link
-Use it in Eclipse for manually installing the plugin

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I was able to install the plugin. just ignore the error -
"The following solutions are not available: Gradle Integration for Eclipse (4.4) 3.6.3 RELEASE Proceed with the installation anyways?"

and proceed

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I'm also getting "The following solutions are not available: Gradle Integration for Eclipse (4.4) 3.6.3 RELEASE". After turning off two Spring related installation options this plugin completed the install in my Eclipse Luna. But it only can create Gradle projects inside Eclipse. I don't see a View to run selected tasks. Is Gradle support so limited in this plugin?

scarniel's picture

"The following solutions are not available: Gradle Integration for Eclipse (4.4) 3.6.3 RELEASE
Proceed with the installation anyways?"

hrashidwa7's picture

Still not working.

ghenrygyy's picture

It said"plugin not avallaible"

gbrisard's picture

same as Terry

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I tried to install in eclipse kepler 4.4 and I get an error that the plugin is not available.