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Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 00:49
shani's picture

We are using BOS...
It's great, as an IDE it implenets ESB Strategy and allows to developer to connect every where he wants!
you can Compile your own jar file and use other people's library to extend your BOS!
everybody can contribute to move it forward!
Deployment it's one click.
Both Studio and Run engine are the best.
I suggest every organization' IT master to see the abilities of BOS and then decide about the solutions.
I hope it continued as open source, I believe BOS is pride of Open Source Community.

brondon's picture

I have been working around with Bonita Open Solution 5.0 (BOS 5.0) and i am so glad with this major suite of the product.
It is a powerful suite, with an huge connectivity capacity by the connector's technology.
BOS 5.0 comes with an intuitive designer.
The deploying from a modeling state to a production environment is just easy as a click at the Studio with a minimal or zero configuration.
BOS 5.0 produce a complete java web application, a .war file, with a .html templates the customer can personalize as deep as he needs.
The runtime engine is so stable and powerful.
The BOS community is active enough.
There are a lot of works in progress for the documentation and new examples.
This version of the product is a new paradigm to the BPM market, they claim for the Democratization of the BPM.
I agree, BOS 5.0 is into the right way for a serious BPM suite at the open source site.