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Friday, November 16, 2018 - 00:34
amcgovern81u's picture

How do I configure this? I don't see it in preferences or anywhere else.

jmussons's picture

This plugin performs amazingly. I checked it out after some fellow devs where annoying me with the intelliJ search feature, and ... Well, this beats the hell out of it, so good work!

rrollins's picture

I can't even begin to imagine how a search plugin for an IDE was designed without the ability to search for exact matches, but InstaSearch was.

If you search for "variable_name", the search results will include all instances of "variable", "name", "variable_name", "Variable", and "Name" (it doesn't support case sensitive search). There is no way to turn this off (disabling "find similar matches" doesn't disable this), so you may end up with thousands of totally spurious results when searching through large working sets.

Eclipse is a programmer's tool, and programmers almost always want precision results when searching. A search plugin that doesn't offer any kind of precision is virtually useless.

smisingname6x3's picture

There problems with native encodings.
As yo can see on screenshots in Eclipse settings UTF-8 is used for all files.
But the InstaSearch plugin couldn't find and couldn't ever indexed *.java files with Russian letters.

ahmann's picture

Nice plugin but if the indexer is running I can't start a launcher. Please fix this :)

wwahnwitz's picture

in our prgramming language is a "l.var" or "l.var.second" (one or more dots between words) a normal variable. When I search something like "l.dim" then also dim is found. But I want to find only exactly words (simular find mode is off). What can I do?

Thanks and regards

ecina's picture

I love this plugin. We have a huge code base and searching my workspace can be time consuming. This plugin saves me so much time. I don't know what I would do without it.

How can I add a search term without having to copy and paste the text into instasearch? I've tried shortcuts but haven't been successful in getting the text to appear without manually copying and pasting.

There are so many features that can be added to this plugin. Mostly I would expand on the filters and allow filters on the searches and not just on the indexing. If you could filter searches for certain projects, folders, files, etc without affecting the indexing that would be great. I like having everything indexed and being able to pick and choose what I search for on a particular search.

dkhambhatwala's picture

if I want to search within specific package than how can I do that?
Am I missing something!

rbabuo2p's picture

It is really super fast search. I also tried to search inside my Maven dependency jar but it is not searching inside the jar. Is there any extra setting i need to do?

ajermakovicsy15's picture

Yes, you should go to InstaSearch plugin preferences and enable 'Index JAR Source Attachements'. Then re-eindex the workspace

gwhyte's picture

...the search results could all be shown without requiring expansion (at least have an option for this)

This speeds up scanning search results. Textpad search results are the quickest for me to scan. I don't know why eclipse search tools like requiring people to expand items.

If it had an option to show some context lines around each search result (something that can be easily disabled/enabled), then it makes it more powerful and like sublimetext.

sawantni's picture

no doubt about it.

kshahj1h's picture

Hi ,

The Instasearch is just searching .java files and not any other ext files like .js.
Could you please help me resolve this issue.

ajermakovicsy15's picture

Extensions of files to be indexed can be specified in plugin's preferences

smisingname6x3's picture

Great thanks for this plug-in. Now I can instantly find any peace of code. The bigger a project the more efficient this plug-in is. It works in Eclipse 4.2 too.
Thanks a lot!

ppavel's picture

It's fast as hell and the author is very responsive to community suggestions and bug reports. If you have any issue create a ticket at the project's website and it will be resolved quickly.

It's on a good way to become a replacement for the default file search.

Thank you!


mmisingnameai1's picture

hi. How I use InstaSearch after instainstalling? I can't assign key to InstaSearch, can't open InstaSearch view :-( I use Zend Studio 7.2.

Thank you for tips. Tom.

ajermakovicsy15's picture

Hi Tom,
The new version of the plug-in should run on Zend studio since Java 1.5 is now sufficient.'s picture

It's really instant and it searches through all the files in the project. I really needed this plug-in. Great job!