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PyDev is a plugin that enables Eclipse to be used as a Python IDE (supporting also Jython and IronPython). ...
Last Updated on 11 November 2014 by Fabio Zadrozny
Mylyn integrates defect and project management systems, build systems and other software development tools with Eclipse.
Last Updated on 26 September 2014 by Robert Elves
Mylyn WikiText provides lightweight markup (wiki) parsing, editing and display capabilities to the Eclipse platform and Mylyn. Mylyn WikiText can also generate HTML, Docbook,...
Last Updated on 9 July 2012 by David Green
HgEclipse is a plugin providing support for the highly popular Mercurial distributed version control system within the Eclipse IDE....
Last Updated on 29 November 2012 by Intland Software
The Subversive project is aimed to integrate the Subversion (SVN) version control system with the Eclipse platform. Using the Subversive plug-in, you can work with projects...
Last Updated on 7 October 2014 by Igor Vinnykov
GitHub Mylyn Connector supports integrating Issue, Pull Requests, and Gists into the Mylyn Task List view. See http://wiki.eclipse.org/EGit/GitHub/UserGuide for more information
Last Updated on 27 February 2013 by Kevin Sawicki
EPIC is an open source Perl IDE (including editor and debugger) based on the Eclipse platform, compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Whether you are into CGI scripting or...
Last Updated on 8 July 2010 by Todd Vierling

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