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This plugin enables the use of the jMonkey Engine (3D scene graph/game engine) in eclipse environments and RCP applications
Last Updated on 2 October 2010 by Andreas Blochberger
The NightLabs PDF Viewer is an Eclipse plug-in for viewing PDF files in Eclipse-RCP-based applications.
Last Updated on 4 August 2010 by Marco Schulze
Obeo Designer is an innovative solution to create and customize graphical modeling workbenches!...
Last Updated on 10 April 2014 by Obeo
Obeo Designer is an innovative solution to create and customize graphicals modelers and MDA studios!...
Last Updated on 10 April 2014 by Obeo
OpenCL Codebench is a Plug-in for Eclipse. It uses Eclipse wizards to autogenerate the host code, a unit test bench and the framework for the OpenCL kernel. The tool includes...
Last Updated on 4 February 2013 by Kurt Prunty
The PFGrid-Toolkit provides fast and flexible widgets for SWT/JFace, especially an SWT-Grid-widget which allows TreeList- and Table-mode. The rendering is done by renderer...
Last Updated on 27 May 2012 by Missing Name
PLOTlet is a free, open-source tool to quickly create plots and charts. It lets you create charts and chart grids fast, process plots automatically via batch, align multiple...
Last Updated on 24 November 2010 by info umlet
The QuickImage plugin provides an eclipse-editor for viewing images. You can browse images one by one, or all as thumbnails. Use the toolbar to navigate or by single- or double...
Last Updated on 14 April 2013 by Per Salomonsson
Sirius is a new Eclipse project ( that allows you to easily create your own graphical modeling tools. It leverages the Eclipse modeling...
Last Updated on 3 November 2014 by Obeo