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"Just type and you will fall in love with it". VelocityEdit? is based on Velocity Web Edit which has stopped updating since 2006 and is now incompatible with the latest Eclipse...
Last Updated on 1 February 2013 by Sefler Zhou
Vex is a Visual Editor for XML that hides the raw XML tags from the user, providing instead a word processor like interface. Vex uses standard DTD/XSD files to define document...
Last Updated on 30 January 2013 by Holger Voormann
The Magna Links plugin for Eclipse adds a new editor that allows for 'desktop like' functionality within eclipse.
Last Updated on 7 January 2013 by Michael Klocker
TapiJI represents a set of smart tools that integrate into the Eclipse IDE for Java developers with the goal to reduce effort of Internationalization. This is accomplished by...
Last Updated on 3 January 2013 by Martin Reiterer
Maple IDE is the only Eclipse™ based efficient development toolkit to rapidly build standout applications for Maple....
Last Updated on 20 December 2012 by Sandra Shklyaeva
Pluggable into any Eclipse Classic installation, MyEclipse Java Profiler module offers an advanced integration of Sun's VisualVM profiler. VisualVM for MyEclipse can be used for...
Last Updated on 3 December 2012 by Jason O'Keefe
MyEclipse UML 2 plugin MyEclipse's standalone UML 2 module delivers a polished UML2 tooling experience. The module is installable on any Eclipse Classic install by utiliz...
Last Updated on 3 December 2012 by Jason O'Keefe
This small plug-in allows you to split the selected editor horizontally or vertically with a single click. You may also create suitable keybindings using the General > Keys...
Last Updated on 1 December 2012 by Sandip Chitale