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Inspect, understand and debug Java bytecode, no matter if you have the corresponding source.
Last Updated on 5 February 2014 by Sergej Alekseev
Sourcecode Visualizer is an Eclipse plugin for visualizing Java sourcecode. It draws a control flow graph alongside of Java source code. It is an indispensable tool for...
Last Updated on 5 February 2014 by Sergej Alekseev
Control Flow Graph Factory is an Eclipse plugin which generates control flow graphs from java bytecode, edit them and export to GraphXML, DOT or several image formats.
Last Updated on 5 February 2014 by Sergej Alekseev
Get Localization is a service (SaaS) for managing software translation. It provides an easy-to-use collaborative web browser based properties, strings.xml etc. editor for...
Last Updated on 5 February 2014 by Get Localization
This is a multi properties files editor. You can display a set of properties files in a single view. The data is outlined key by key in a table so you can easily compare each...
Last Updated on 4 February 2014 by Manuel Wyssen
GinTonic is an Eclipse plugin for Gin/Guice DI frameworks
Last Updated on 30 January 2014 by Sergey Tselovalnikov
Closure IDE is a JavaScript IDE powered by Google Closure Tools....
Last Updated on 23 January 2014 by Sandra Shklyaeva
This project provides an Eclipse view which provides a reasonably accurate presentation of GithHub Flavored Markdown (.md) files. Click the Home Page icon above to see further...
Last Updated on 22 January 2014 by Satyagraha 1956
CombiS-BP Editor is an extension of OPBUS 1.0. In addition to OPBUS features, CombiS-BP Editor enables to combine an imperative and declarative specification of a business...
Last Updated on 15 January 2014 by Luisa Parody