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Version 1.1.0 What's New Aspose New Java APIs - support is Added, in Aspose Project Wizard/Aspose API Examples for the following new products: Aspose.Diagram Aspose.Tasks MIT...
Last Updated on 13 September 2014 by Aspose Marketplace
JPedal PDF viewer provides a free plugin to add native PDF viewing and searching to Eclipse. It also allows you to bookmark and store links to all your favourite PDF files for...
Last Updated on 10 July 2012 by mark stephens
Pdf4Eclipse is a pdf viewer plugin for Eclipse. One of its notable features is a complete integration of SyncTeX, which allows forward and inverse search in pdf files. Hence, it...
Last Updated on 10 April 2012 by Boris von Loesch
Download for Free. ...
Last Updated on 10 November 2011 by Kaesar ALNIJRES
The NightLabs PDF Viewer is an Eclipse plug-in for viewing PDF files in Eclipse-RCP-based applications.
Last Updated on 4 August 2010 by Marco Schulze
PDF Merger. It merges multiple PDF files into one PDF file.
Last Updated on 1 May 2010 by fatboychucky