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DEP4E integrates DocBook XML and DocBook XSL into Eclipse IDE to create, edit and process DocBook 5.0 projects.
Last Updated on 10 August 2014 by Christian Senf
Keep your team members up to date with the team structure, phone numbers, svn/git usernames and other stuff important for you. Don't let them waste time querying wiki or looking...
Last Updated on 10 October 2012 by Łukasz Wachowicz
PeerReview Complete: Document and Code Review without the Hassle...
Last Updated on 3 December 2012 by Deb Cobb
Gluebox is a free powerful Wiki-like notetaking and information gathering tool designed for project documentation and writing step by step user instructions. It provides an easy...
Last Updated on 24 July 2011 by Wolfgang Geck
Eclox is a simple doxygen frontend plug-in for eclipse. It aims to provide a slim and sleek integration of the code documentation process into eclipse by providing a high-level...
Last Updated on 7 March 2014 by Ivan Pajuelo
DITAworks is an Eclipse-based software solution that provides integrated tooling for modeling, creation, administration and publishing of complex documentation according to...
Last Updated on 2 December 2009 by instinctools
Initial goal to writing this plugin - fix the problem with original APT which not works on my version of Eclipse....
Last Updated on 11 May 2012 by vip
PLOTlet is a free, open-source tool to quickly create plots and charts. It lets you create charts and chart grids fast, process plots automatically via batch, align multiple...
Last Updated on 24 November 2010 by info umlet
i-net Doqua supports documentation writer and developer likewise to keep track of inconsistency between your - or your companies - style guides and the actual documentation. The...
Last Updated on 19 October 2010 by i-net software