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Plugin integrates Eclipse IDE with SAP MII (xMII) 12.1 and 12.2 versions...
Last Updated on 22 May 2013 by Anatoly Sementsov
HP Anywhere provides an Eclipse-based IDE that enables you to create, build, test, and run your own apps....
Last Updated on 9 May 2013 by Adi Godkin
BuildBoost is an open build framework with minimal-to-zero configuration that allows you to set up builds for Eclipse plugins and Eclipse update site deployments within minutes.
Last Updated on 16 April 2013 by Mirko Seifert
WIDE (Windchill IDE) is integrated with Eclipse IDE. You can make all changes in one window, you can easily integrate your projects with Windchill system, using all necessary...
Last Updated on 5 April 2013 by Maciej Kujawski
M2E connector for the maven plugin jsdoc3
Last Updated on 4 March 2013 by Mastah Naleh
The AWS Toolkit for Eclipse is an open source plug-in for the Eclipse Java IDE that makes it easier for developers to develop, debug, and deploy Java applications using Amazon...
Last Updated on 4 January 2013 by Amazon Web Services
The PicCBuilder is an Eclipse plugin for allowing the use of Eclipse CDT as the editor and builder of projects for Microchip PIC microcontrollers using the C30 and C32...
Last Updated on 28 December 2012 by Emilio Palma
Provides automation of configuration needed for projects using pkg-config, such as GTK+ and gtkmm. Pkg-config utility outputs the necessary options needed to build a given pack...
Last Updated on 19 December 2012 by Petri Tuononen