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BIRT iHub F-Type

Database, Business Intelligence, Reporting and Charting, BIRT, Rich Client Applications, Reporting

Last Updated on 2015-08-12 08:54 by Virgil Dodson

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CDO Model Repository

Modeling Tools, Application Server, Database Persistence, Rich Client Applications, Network, Tools

Last Updated on 2015-04-21 11:18 by Eike Stepper

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Entity Designer

Database Persistence, Modeling Tools, Database

Last Updated on 2015-08-11 09:38 by Obeo

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Industrial SQL Connector for Mylyn

Database, Team Development, Mylyn Connectors, Database Persistence, Code Management

Last Updated on 2015-06-17 09:58 by maarten meijer

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Jaspersoft Studio

Rich Client Applications, Editor, Graphics, Database Development, Business Intelligence, Reporting and Charting, Database

Last Updated on 2015-11-17 05:15 by Giulio Toffoli

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JDBC Drivers for Eclipse Scout

Database, Database Persistence, Application Development Frameworks

Last Updated on 2015-04-21 11:05 by BSI Business Systems Integration AG

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Other, Editor, Application Management, Web Services, XML, Modeling Tools

Last Updated on 2010-05-12 06:14 by CKlein

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Talend Open Studio


Last Updated on 2011-06-03 15:11 by Cedric Carbone

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Toad Extension for Eclipse

Database, Database Development, IDE, Tools, Editor

Last Updated on 2016-01-15 06:48 by Lukas Macek



Last Updated on 2013-10-10 04:12 by Naoki Takezoe

Apache Directory Studio

Network, Database, Tools, Rich Client Applications, Linux Tools

Last Updated on 2016-01-02 08:47 by Stefan Seelmann

Aquarius Orm Studio

Tools, Database Persistence, Modeling Tools, Database, Graphics

Last Updated on 2014-10-09 00:40 by wanglei

Aster Data Developer Express plug-in for Eclipse

Database, Testing, IDE, Build and Deploy

Last Updated on 2011-06-03 14:37 by Aster Data

Clay Mark II


Last Updated on 2015-04-21 11:31 by Azzurri Inc.


Database, Database Persistence

Last Updated on 2011-02-10 15:54 by Missing Name

db4o Class Instrumentation plugin for Eclipse

Database, Database Persistence

Last Updated on 2010-05-12 12:07 by Missing Name


Tools, IDE, Database Development, Database

Last Updated on 2016-01-25 05:57 by Serge Rider



Last Updated on 2010-05-19 15:59 by Missing Name