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An Eclipse plugin to enable Web developers to easily create Android apps. The plugin works with the Android Development Tools and the PhoneGap framework to provide a...
Last Updated on 18 September 2012 by Paul Beusterien
A set of Eclipse plug-ins to ease the development of Google Webtoolkit (GWT) applications with Eclipse. Released under the EPL. In contrast to the Google plug-ins GWT Tooling...
Last Updated on 28 May 2010 by Gunnar Wagenknecht
Eclipse Fullscreen is a plug-in that enables fullscreen and also to choose to hide/show the menu bar and status bar.
Last Updated on 6 May 2013 by Ugo Sangiorgi
This plug-in from the Eclipse JDT UI team provides a view to visualize the Java elements in Eclipse's Java model. The view shows the result of many method calls on model...
Last Updated on 23 June 2011 by Deepak Azad
The Java Source Helper shows you the block of code related to a closing brace/bracket if it is currently out of visible range in the editor....
Last Updated on 2 December 2009 by rainlord
An Open Source plug-in for O'Caml development under Eclipse....
Last Updated on 14 May 2011 by Nicolas Bros
ScriptEclipse allows developers to add functionality to Eclipse by scripting. Supported languages are Python, Ruby, Groovy and JavaScript. Discounted packages here. Video:...
Last Updated on 26 March 2014 by Michael Bartl
Lightning fast search simultaneously across multiple languages...
Last Updated on 29 January 2010 by krlooney
oPDT is an Eclipse Plugin which provide some useful extensions to official PHP Development Tools plugin.
Last Updated on 28 February 2011 by Open Way (Mike)